Preparing Graduate Management Admission Test Gmat

Preparing Graduate Management Admission Test Gmat

Are You Preparing for the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)?

It is a challenge that requires careful study and informed instruction. The GMAT is a 3.5-hour test that includes sections on quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning, integrated reasoning, and analytical writing.The GMAT total score is based on the verbal and quantitative sections, and it is scaled to a score range of 200 to 800.

To score high in the GMAT it requires hard work,concentration and honesty with your weak areas.But whatever you do, don’t ignore it! The GMAT is the most time-sensitive exam I have come across, so make sure you keep this in mind. Be rigid with your time during your prep and replicate exam day conditions during your practice test

Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Doing Well…

Here are some further guidance on preparing for and taking the GMAT exam

  • Knowing your own skill and ability level, what areas you are good at, and what you still need to master.
  • Adjusting your own study habits accordingly.
  • Focus on your weaknesses but in a measured way.
  • Being patient with yourself and the study process.
  • Pacing yourself.
  • Create a learning diary.
  • Redo GMAT preparation tests.

 Pacing is key:

Keep in mind that the GMAT is a game. Just as in chess,tennis or any other sport, those who know how the game is played have a huge advantage over those who are ignorant of the game’s idiosyncratic rules.

As a test taker, you should understand:

  • The computer-adaptive structure of the GMAT
  • The types of exam questions asked and their common fallacies.
  • Time management.

GMAT Test Preparation Tips:

  1. 1.Prepare yourself to finish the test at all costs!
  2. 2.Spend adequate time on the first 5 questions.
  3. 3.Read the Questions Carefully.
  4. 4.Avoid Random Guessing.
  5. 5.Establish a Baseline and Pace Yourself.
  6. 6.Eliminate the Deliberately Deceptive Wrong Choices.
  7. 7.Set an exponential GMAT prep timetable.
  8. 8.Set time milestones during the GMAT test.
  9. 9. Do not overestimate GMAT prep test results.

Why choose THE GMAT COACH ??

Atlanta is a fantastic city to live,enjoy, study and work in. It cherishes its diversity and represents a broad range of sectors and startup ventures.We have students accepting jobs all over the world, which is made possible by our fantastic employer connections globally and self made opportunities.

If you take advantage of Atlanta tutoring, you might increase your chances of getting into the top colleges and universities.

The above has given you a sense of the global experience at THEGMATCOACH  and the opportunities that come along with it.

 There’s a fine line between being mindful of the clock in an exam, and letting it stress you out.

Ultimately, it’s how smart you study, not just how long you study that matters. Plan a study strategy that allows you however much time you need to feel prepared and one that addresses your own test-taking challenges so that your exam results reflect your ability and not your knowledge or lack of knowledge about the test.

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Experience Better Way Prepare GMAT New York City

Experience A Better Way to Prepare For The GMAT in New York City

 Experience A Better Way to Prepare For  The GMAT in New York City



We believe that test prep should be real education that prepares you not just for the test,but for the challenges you’ll face as you advance your career.The key to success in GMAT is meticulous preparation and practice. A high score helps to maximize the chances of your application to be accepted by the top business schools. If you are living in a city like New York, THE GMAT COACH is the best option to choose. In case the tutoring class cannot meet your expectations, you may lose both money and time. Therefore, it is recommended to research and find the ones that best suit your needs.

Why you’ll opt the Gmat Coach:

Instructors: Our accomplished instructors are experienced teachers that adapt to your individual learning style.They aren’t just super smart,they are also crazy good teachers who strike for a perfect balance of rigor,support and communication.

Social Learning: Everyone told you test prep is hard and while that can be stressful but it’s not true.We have made test prep easy and fun with our social learning tools.

Curriculum: The material is exceptionally well presented.There is no other GMAT programthat compares to GMAT COACH.Our curriculum is written by our instructors which is based on actual exam questions and are updated regularly.

Fun learning: Our teachers make even the driest material interesting.So have fun while learning and make you subject more interesting.

The bottom line is that we understand the inner working of this test.

Choose from our selection of GMAT courses,enhance to deliver the highest

Quality across any platform you choose.Full-length classroom GMAT courses offer an analytical learning plan with lectures from experienced MBAs.Weekend options and Interactive Online Courses appeal to the professionals working full time who fill in the gaps with GMAT test prep.Our stellar course syllabus can be altered to meet students individual learning needs in any of these course offerings.

GMAT COACH offers ways to customize your GMAT prep around what is on the GMAT.

a)You’ll find four types of sections on the GMAT:

  1. 1.Analytical Writing Assessment.
  2. 2.Reasoning.
  3. 3.Verbal.
  4. 4.Quantitative

b)The GMAT is 3 hours,30 minutes long, not including short breaks.Our GMAT prep options help keep you on the ball in terms of timing.

c)How long you should prepare for the GMAT depends on your available time,baseline score and your target score.

d)Your GMAT score remains valid for five years.

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GMAT Support Career Education

How Does The GMAT Exam Support Your Career & Education?

Who can appear for GMAT exam?

There are no set eligibility for appearing in a GMAT exam. However, for admission to a desired institute, GMAT score is not only enough but a candidate must fulfil the eligibility criteria as mentioned by the concerned institute. The GMAT Exam Is Available Around the World. The GMAT exam is used by more than 6,000 programs offered by more than 2,100 universities and institutions in 114 countries with testing in over 600 test centers around the world. The GMAT is not just about what you know but how well you can handle uncertainty and Time.

Top Advantages of The GMAT Exam:

The GMAT test amplificate the higher order skills appropriate for graduate management education. According to the latest TheGMATCoach survey, the number of admissions professionals recognizing preference for the GMAT exam has increased 44% since 2014.

The GMAT exam shows business schools that you are serious about acquiring a graduate business degree. It also demonstrates your commitment for a graduate business program.

Each section of the GMAT exam targets specific skills needed to succeed in a business program.

  • AWA measures how to analyze an argument in written form.
  • IR measures the skills used to analyze and synthesize information
  • Quant meow asures data sufficiency and problem solving.
  • Verbal measures reading comprehension, critical reasoning, and sentence correction skills.

Preparing for the GMAT exam takes time and effort, but with a sound study plan, you can get the score you want.

GMAT Learning:

A study plan usually is very subjective. It depends on distinct aspects like the amount of time you have, the amount of effort that you put in and your personal vigor and mental bandwidth. This post aims at giving you a general road map.

  1. Understanding the GMAT exam format and pattern.
  2. Attacking GMAT Quant first.
  3. Using the Official Guide to set the foundation.
  4. Moving on to the Verbal section.
  5. Taking the first practice test.
  6. Online GMAT prep material.
  7. Time for another round of testing.
  8. College exams vs GMAT prep.
  9. Getting closer to the target score.
  10. Analysing mistakes to improve the accuracy.

Learn Personalised GMAT :

Personal learning plans are generally based on the belief that students will be more inspired to learn, will achieve more in school, and will feel a stronger sense holding over their education if they decide what they want to learn, how they are going to learn it, and why they need learn it to achieve their personal goals.

Finally, the key to a good GMAT score is preparation and study. Time and effort will eventually pay off!!!

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Want Ace Quant Math Section GMAT

Want To Ace The Quant & Math Section Of GMAT?

The GMAT Quantitative (or Math) is a Computerised Adaptive test and comprises of 37 questions. Covering a wide range of topics, the GMAT Math is quite the challenge to solve, given the time limit of 75 minutes and scores ranging from 0 to 60. Nevertheless, all you need to ace this section are some basic Mathematical skills and the ability to think out of the box. This helps in effective problem solving, testing which, is the ultimate objective of this section. The questions will test how good a hold you have over elementary Mathematical concepts and how well you apply these simple principles in complex problems. The 37 questions are categorised into two types:

Problem Solving (PS):

To solve the questions of this type, you will need to have thoroughly prepared in the areas of Arithmetic, Elementary algebra, Common concepts of geometry, Elementary Combinatorics and Word Problems. These not so advanced questions are quite simple if you can reason quantitatively and are familiar with GMAT tricks for problem solving.

Data Sufficiency (DS):

These type of problems do not seem like the orthodox direct question and answer type. The efficacy of solving this section relies on the candidate’s ability to process and synthesise the given data. In this section, a problem will be given along with two statements and five choices. The choices may not seem tricky but the data synthesis is rather tricky.

Now that you are aware of the type and format of the Quantitative section of the GMAT, learning and mastering the concepts by including them in your preparation plan is essential. However, the secret to success does not lie in just grasping the concepts. But also, supplementing your knowledge with proper GMAT prep tricks and strategies, which  will fetch you a remarkable score on the test. Given below are a list of some strategies a candidate should follow in order to ace the Quant section of GMAT

  • Formulate a study plan that covers all the basic concepts required for the Quantitative section.
  • Start preparing from the best GMAT Quantitative books, such as The GMAT Coach, which has a complete set of concepts that are easy to understand and prepare from.
  • Take practice tests regularly so you can identify your weaknesses through every test and monitor your time.
  • Try to improve on your problem-solving time with every prep GMAT test.
  • Word problems are the tricky ones among others, therefore, try to read the questions carefully and make a note of all the supplied data in terms of equations and Mathematical representations.
  • Jot down the concepts where you find yourself erring frequently, and revise the entire error log thoroughly before attempting the same topics in the next prep test.
  • While answering the questions, do not rush. Instead, scan the given options thoroughly, so you have a better idea of the type of answer expected.

The GMAT Coach will guide you through learning the fundamental Math strategies and reviewing those concepts thoroughly. Rectifying your mistakes in problem-solving and improving your Math skills from the several practice questions & tests conducted by The GMAT Coach will ensure you sit for the exam as a pro the questions with great confidence. Check out our FREE Personalized One-on-One Session .

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