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Rashaan C. photo

" It was very helpful in providing tools and tips on solving more difficult problems in a short amount of time. I will certainly recommend this tutoring."

Rashaan C.

Vice President, RBC Capital Markets
MBA from Harvard Business School (HBS)
Class of 2011
Chris R. photo

"I would recommend this GMAT Math preparation to anyone planning to take the GMAT test soon. After only a few short weeks of this tutoring, I was able to improve my GMAT Math scores by approximately 50% (530 to a 690). As a result, I was able to gain acceptance at all 4 top Business schools. Without this help, this success would not have been a possibility."

Chris R.,

MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management
(Class of 2010)
David R. photo

" This class offered by “The GMAT Coach” certainly helped me a lot; 4-5 questions on the real test were almost straight out of this class. I think this class touched base on everything they asked in the test which is tough because I hear they change it around pretty often!
I do not think I would have gotten the Questions correct as fast as I did, if it wasn't for this class. Our work together was reflected in my final score.
“The GMAT Coach” did a great job on the Course Structure & Topics that were covered. Thank You! "

David R.,

Portfolio Director, Northgate Information Solutions
MBA from Georgia Tech. College of Management (2012)
Brett R. photo

" I learned to simplify the problems and to look for the "smart" way of solving. Definitely, I would recommend this tutoring as this is much more economical than the more well#known courses like Kaplan and Princeton Review and has so much more one on one time without the distractions of a large class environment.
I think these sessions provided me with a wonderful service and my rating is 9.5/10 "

Brett R. O.,

MBA from University of Texas, Austin
Tyeise H

" Learning how to approach the problem and finding the short/smart way to tackle things also gaining more confidence in my abilities to tackle the problems was the best thing that I gained from these sessions.
Explanation of problems and thorough review of the approach helped me a lot. "

Tyeise H.,

Georgia Power Inc.,
MBA from Cornell University
John P

" I got a valuable insight into the strategy and understanding of the GMAT Quantitative section and how to smartly approach it which was Very Key and Very Helpful – these were the best things that I picked up from the course.
I am happy with my score. I am very impressed with the passion, dedication of the instructor and the common sense approaches that he employs.
Without hesitation, I will recommend this service to folks whenever the opportunity arises and I would rate “The GMAT Coach” a 9/10 " .

John P.,

Portman Holdings, LLC.
MBA from Emory University
Andrew M

" I liked the personal attention and focus on the things that I needed. The ability to make very complex things very simple was impressive and I was also impressed that you seemed to have an entire program and plan in place for areas that needed to be learned.
I am very happy with my score & would definitely recommend this to others and rate is like 12/10…….you are off the charts man!!! "

Andrew M., CPA,

MACC (Masters of Accountancy) from Kennesaw State University, Georgia
Shruti S

" Dealing with each individual topic and a range of problems with varying difficulty in one shot was very helpful. These were the best things that I liked from this program.
The course structure is very impressive & I surely recommend this "

Shruti S.,

(Scored 700 in her GMAT)
Applied and got admitted into all the top 5 Business schools in USA
Jonathan C

" Your program showed me a valuable approach towards solving difficult questions, and I was able to understand more of the types of answers the test writers were looking for.  After going through your program, my GMAT score increased 140 points, which was awesome! "

Jonathan C.,

Atlanta, GA
Erin C

" The correction of my methodology, the way to deconstruct & simplify problems that appeared complex was the best things that I learnt in these sessions. I will certainly recommend these sessions to other potential MBA aspirants and GMAT test takers. " (Infact I already have!)

Erin C.,

Senior Product Management,
SunTrust Banks, Inc.,
MBA from Emory University
Atlanta – GA
Jennifer D

" A quicker & smarter approach to solving GMAT MATH problems was the best things that I learnt on these sessions. I will absolutely recommend this tutoring for friends & others and rate this at 9/10. "

Jennifer D.,

Dalmatian Books Inc.
Atlanta, GA.
Mayowa A

" It was great having the one on one help as well as having someone to encourage me as I worked through the process. The confidence building as well as the help going over mistakes made in tests helped me a lot. I am extremely happy with my score. "

Mayowa A.,

Hewlett Packard Enterprise
MBA from Kellogg School of Management (Northwestern University)
Sarah D

" Learning the quickest way to answer the question was the best thing I learnt from these sessions. I am very pleased with my Math score. (27 to a 41 in just a few weeks’ time)
If I know anyone who is struggling in the Math section, I absolutely would recommend this tutoring. These sessions were of very good value, worth the time and money. I rate it 9/10. "

Sarah D.,

Ernst & Young
Vancouver, Canada
Katie G

" A deeper understanding of how to approach questions on the GMAT was the best thing that I learnt from this course. I feel like I could attempt almost any type of questions asked of me with confidence. I was very happy with my experience and I rate this 9/10. "

Katie G.,

Strategist, Fitch Inc.,
Seattle, WA
Natalie M

" Review, improvement of math skills & problem solving techniques are the best things that I picked up. “The GMAT Coach” is very knowledgeable about the topics and has excellent math skills, makes intimidating problems appear approachable & easy by showing neat math tricks I didn’t know I could do. My rating is a 10/10. I definitely recommend this to other GMAT test takers. "

Natalie M.,

Financial Analyst, Duke Reality Corp.
Caio A

" The GMAT Coach’s program has helped me tremendously with the math part of the GMAT test. I had taken the test once before this help and achieved a 9th percentile. After working through their program, 4 weeks later I reached 69th percentile on the math part. In another words, I strongly recommended this. "

Caio A.,

Atlanta, GA
Amy D

" I liked the personal attention and focus that I received on the things that I needed help with. Your ability to make very complex things simple was impressive. I am very happy with my score increase after taking your course and would definitely recommend this to others. Thanks for your help and keep up the great work!! "

Amy D.,

Alpharetta, GA
Andrew B

" Unlike Kaplan and Manhattan, “The GMAT Coach” program is unique because it didn’t burden me with too much information on math principles and solving tricks.  They make GMAT prep very straightforward and manageable. "

Andrew B.,

Oxford, England
Brian B

" Your focused practice questions on each topic really helped my confidence. On test day, I was able to quickly identify the topic of each question and the method for solutions like it was second nature. "

Brian B.,

Chattanooga, TN

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